​What Is HR Consulting?

Human Resource Consulting is the art of providing expertise and guidance to businesses by serving as an extension of their executive office and sometimes personnel staff. They work with different size companies identifying their special needs and objectives. HR consultants are great if you do not want a full-time HR manager or if your HR department is overwhelmed.

They provide many services to companies that create a positive bottom line and work environment. These services include:

  • Making Hiring Decisions
  • Handling issues and circumstances requiring disciplinary action
  • Handling termination procedures
  • Responding to FSLA and wage issues
  • Answering questions regarding benefits, company policies-new and/or old, procedures and corresponding forms
  • Handling regulatory issues including FMLA AND ERISA
  • Answering and handle personnel questions, concerns, or issues
  • Overseeing employee relations, personnel policy development, employee assistance programs, and cultural due diligence
  • Conducting performance management
  • Handling and making sure they follow state and federal employment regulation compliance

As you can see, HR consultants handle many tasks that leave companies feeling prepared and secure when it comes to their employees, business development, and day to day operations.

Affiniti 360 Consulting we work hard to provide our clients with a system that hones in on their needs and provides a fluid employee relations system.